ORL at the 2013 StepOutdoors Tryathlon

The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program had a good showing at the StepOutdoors Tryathlon at Hills Creek State Park this past Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013. It was a great day!

For the first time, we had a student team. The team was put together quickly with little preparation but lots of spirit (pre-registration ends before the fall semester starts).

On the student team, Kate Smith ran 3 miles, Bobby Bridges paddled 1.7 miles, and Glenn Wolfe peddled 8 miles:

Kate Smith, Glenn Wolfe and Bobby Bridges
Kate Smith (left), Glenn Wolfe (center) and Bobby Bridges.

Jimmy (bike) and Lilace Guignard (kayak), both ORL instructors, along with Chris Cummings (runner) took first place in the Co-Ed team 18 years and older:

Chris Cummings (left), Lilace Guignard (center) and Jimmy Guignard
Chris Cummings (left), Lilace Guignard (center) and Jimmy Guignard.

Many ORL students volunteered their help to make sure the event went smoothly.

This Tryathlon is one of many fun local events at parks and recreation areas that students can get involved in!