3D Model Report

Eric Hofer
3D Print Report
The print I did for this project was a portion of Mifflin, county Pennsylvania. Mifflin, county located in south central Pennsylvania near Penn State University. The city located at the center of my printed is called Lewistown. The latitude and longitude of the center of my model is 40.5992° N, 77.5714° W. The reason I choose Mifflin, county because I just recently moved there with my family in 2012 and I am currently a resident there. I also choose their because of the awesome rifts located in around area. The towns are spread out by valleys because of high rifts.
Technical Details:
The measurements of the final models were 93.1 millimeters and width was 93.1mm and the height 15 mm. The horizontal scale for this map is 1:400,000. The total coverage for the area is 28 kilometers by 38 kilometers then the area equals 1,064 km2. The vertical exaggeration x=262. The contour intervals for my map were 20 feet per slice. The slice thickness I used was .2mm. The type of filament I used was PLA 1.75mm red and the company who made it was tritechnox.
Burnham 3DDEM



I was very pleased with my 3D model and many of its components. The way the elevation was represented in model. The model shows where each small town located. My house is located on a hill side and from my deck you can see several of ridges. You can also see where local streams flow and the Juniata River. If I were to do this model again would not change anything.