Mt. Pisgah State Park 3D Print

I choose to create a 3D print of Mt. Pisgah State Park. This state park is located about 5 miles east of Troy, Pennsylvania. The latitude and longitude of the park is 41.8045 degrees N and 76.6730 degrees W. Pisgah is one of 116 state parks in Pennsylvania and my current place of employment, this is why I choose to print it.


The finished print is 93.1mm by 93.1mm by 16mm. The horizontal scale is 1:50,000 and covers 7.48 square kilometers. The print has a vertical exaggeration of 12.9x with a contour interval of 20 feet. I used a slice thickness of .2mm and used a Tritechnox white PLA 1.75mm filament.

This was a fun project to do. This is something that a lot of students do not get to experience in their college life. The Mansfield University Geo Science department is lucky to have this type of equipment at their disposal. I choose to print with a white filament because my hopes were to be able to color the lake and the stream that runs through my print. Both these features turned out great.

I would do a couple of things different about this print. I really wanted just the state park in the print but that cut off some of the larger mountains in the area. For one I would relocate the DEM to cover these mountains. The largest mountain on the print would be in the center. This would cover most of the state park but also allow for more features to be present.  Capture (1)Capture