Old Wells, Where are They?

My group went to the library and we found some information on some very old wells that were drilled in Tioga County. After all the data was put into an excel spreadsheet it was my job to convert it to the correct latitude and longitude of these points so that we could export this data into an ArcMap. First I had to go through and convert the latitude to true latitude. I had to convert each number using a chart that we found on the internet that had all the correct numbers. This was very tedious work, but it was very gratifying once it was all completed. Then I had to import the data into ArcMap to actually convert the points into a shape file. I imported the data using the Add XY Data to add data to the map as a layer. You had to make sure each field was correct, and through trial and error I had the points in Australia, somewhere in Russia and Somewhere in Europe before I got the right conversions. This was a very interesting process to go through, but it was very gratifying where I could see those points finally in Tioga County! Below is a small map I created to show you where the points landed in Tioga County and also added in the Excel sheet so you could view the data I worked with.

Library mapped wellsCompleted Library Wells