Showcase of Scholarship!

The Showcase of Student Scholarship went very well for our group. As we were mingling with others, viewing and commenting on how great a job they did, we were getting a lot of views of our own poster. We talked to several substantial people about our project and what we are trying to do. We even talked to a few people who think that they have an abandoned well on their land. We talked to several other teachers who had very great ideas that are actually going to help us further our project more. We came up with a good list of the items we would need to go out into the field and report on an abandoned well. These items include tablets, laptops, and mobile hotspots. We can take these with us out in the field to report and take pictures of these wells. We can manually put in the GPS points right out in the field. I am so proud of our department as well. There were so many good projects including Adam Leisters 3-D Campus map, and the Oculus project. The Oculus was a really good hit with the teachers, and there were a lot of people trying it out! All the other members of the Geosciences department also did a great job on this showcase!!