Trying To Find Wells Around You?

wellsnearmeIf you ever find yourself buy land or just wanting to know about wells near you, I have created an application that does just that. It is the Wells Near Me application. It is relatively easy/simple to navigate. In the top left you can enter and address or even easier, just click a location on the map. Then select the radius you want, ranging from one mile to twenty miles, with the slider on the right side. Once you have that selected and it updates you wells bar on the right you can switch between Department of Environmental Protection abandoned and orphaned wells, Active Frack Wells, and Active Conventional Wells with scrolling up and down. After seeing how many there are you can select any wells location and see more information about it. Information pertaining to each well individually,such as plug date, completion date, the production rate, operator’s name, etc. This map will be updated in correspondence with Cecil Coopers recording application. Everything gained from the recording application will also be sent to DEP and county courthouses.

I contacted Bradford County Courthouse and was given two separate numbers to call and see if they can give us any of their information. Once they are contacted I will be starting the next step in the process by branching out and gathering the watershed information for Bradford County and mapping the locations of the abandoned and plugged wells on the DEP recorded site.

Our group will also be contacting some local fairs and other events, to see about setting up a stand to get community support and make this project very public.